Sailev is a French artist based in France and Hong-Kong.

Born in 1982, he was first a biologist, then a business executive. He left the corporate world to dedicate his entire time to art and his ideals.


Sailev finds his inspiration in the beauty of nature that he explores and in the human societies he experienced.

His artworks showcase some of the most pressing challenges of our time: from the impact of human activities on nature and the climate to the consequences of geopolitical conflicts.

Sailev's poetic yet provocative visions of the world are displayed in a dreamlike universe where he combines hyper-surrealism and the use of symbols to create several layers of interpretation. 

' When you love something you want to protect it '


Through artistic expression, Sailev wants to draw more public attention on environmental issues and stimulate positive change. His poetic reminders inspire, question and provoke to invite the viewers reflect on their agency and actions in the world.

Channeling the power of art to stimulate the sense of contribution of the art enthusiasts is the basis of engaged art, making engagement not only part of the message but the aesthetic of the artworks themselves.

All Sailev's artworks are linked to NGOs in connection with the theme of the artwork. Part of the sales of originals is donated to the NGO.

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2021 - 'Art Comes Alive 2020' by ADC Fine Art, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
2020 - 'Explore Engaged Art with French Artists Tito & Sailev', duo exhibition at PMQ, Hong Kong
2020 - 'Hong Kong Human Rights Arts Prize 2020', group exhibition of the finalists at Hong Kong Art Center, Hong Kong

2020 - 'Art Comes Alive' Artist fo the Year
2020 - Nominee of the 2020 Hong Kong Human Rights Arts Prize

Since 2021 - TRiCERA, online gallery
Since 2020 - Singulart, online gallery
Since 2020 - Artmajeur, online gallery

Since 2020 - Member of the conservationist-artists collective ArtistForConservation
Since 2020 – Contributor to artists collective ‘What’s Next For Earth’, founded by Michèle Guieu, California
Since 2020 – Contributor to the Art Community of the MAHB (‘Millenium Alliance of Humanity and the Biosphere’) of Stanford University, California
Since 2020 – Member of the eco-artists collective ‘For Mother Nature, led by Cathy Berman, Colorado
Since 2020 – Member of the Eco-Art Project, eco-art database founded by Pino Fortunato, New York
Since 2020 – Adjudicator of the IYACC International Youth Arts and Cultural Centre


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